The Dean Crain Humanitarian Award

Presented annually to a member of the Rotary Club of Richmond Sunrise to recognize their contribution to the humanitarian ideals of Rotary International and those of Dean Crain.  This award will be presented at the first club meeting in January of each year. 

What Qualifies

The award will recognize a Rotary member who has shown the values that Dean Crain exemplified and worked so hard to nurture in himself and others.  These were:

  • Honesty in all things

  • Courage in the face of overwhelming odds

  • Determination to succeed

  • Unwavering integrity 

Who was Dean Crain?

Dean developed Huntingdon Disease, a condition that currently is terminal.  Throughout his life, he worked tirelessly to raise funds for research into the disease.  He had a vision that a cure could be found in time to save his two children from potentially the same fate.  When his children, Taylor and Amanda, were born, he did not know he had this gene.  With support from many Rotary Clubs, including Richmond Sunrise, he worked to educate and support research into the development of a cure. 

Past Recipients

2023 -  John Marquardt

2022 - Mary Lou Miles

2021 - Gordon Dalglish

2020 - Garth Edwards

2019 - Dick Wagner

2018 - Kal Mahal

2017 - Larry Thompson

2016 - Judy May

2015 - Chris Pughe

2014 - Dalbir Rai

2013 - Marg Dixon

2012 - Bill Denham

2011 - Debbie Murphy

2010 - David Richardson